George Winston – April 19

Piano legend, George Winston, will be performing at the Paramount Theatre in Rutland on Wednesday, April 19 at 7:30 p.m.

The Rutland Herald recently interviewed Winston over the phone. The story was in the InVite section from Thursday, April 13 and is on the website.

Known for his melodic recordings inspired by the seasons, Winston is also a fan of rock, R&B, jazz and other forms of music. He recorded a piano tribute album to The Doors, one of his major influences, and even released an album of harmonica music.

Winston is excited about playing in the Paramount Theatre, as he can play “unplugged,” meaning without having to put microphones on his piano.

Here is video with a piece called “Rain.”


His most recent solo piano recording – his 14th – was released only weeks ago and is called, “Spring Carousel.” The album contains song he wrote when he was in recovery from a bone marrow transplant, and it benefits City of Hope, the place he stayed while recuperating.

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