Charlie Daniels: Not slowing down

On April 21st the legendary Charlie Daniels will be performing with his band at the Paramount Theatre in Rutland.

Charlie Daniels – still on tour at 80 years old.

Charlie Daniels is clearly a quotable guy. He is releasing a book this fall called, “Never Look at the Empty Seats,” that is sure to be chock full of wisdom, anecdotes and opinions. If you want a preview of his writing you can check out his Soapbox page.

Here’s a quote from our interview, (that steers clear of politics or religion).

“I never claimed a genre. I play American music. We play jazz, bluegrass, gospel, country, rock…I don’t limit myself. I found a long time ago that if I try to write a type of song, like a country song, I’ll step over a bunch of great ideas. If I write like I’m chopping a log, I can see where the chips fall and put them together however I like.”

Daniels most recent release is titled, “Night Hawks.” Release in 2016 it is a tribute to today’s cowboys.

“When you think of cowboy music, you think of what you head in the movies. This particular album is aimed at the working cowboy’s lifestyle.”

Here’s a sampler of three of the tracks from the album:

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