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Dorothy Canfield Fisher (1879 -1958)

On The Vermont Tradition:

"To those of us who live here it is as familiar and life giving as air or water, and as difficult to define in terms of human satisfaction. Can any words bring home to a reader in New Orleans or Singapore the tang of an upland October morning, the taste of a drink from a cold mountain spring? Certainly it is nothing fixed. Vermonters are fiercely unregimented....They will argue with each other and with the road commissioner hour after Town Meeting hour, about where to put a culvert. They disagree with one another more often than they seem to agree. Yet, although you can't predict exactly what they will do in any situation, you can always make a close guess as to the sort of thing they will do, and - more or less - what they will say when doing it. And what they will refrain from saying." -Dorothy Canfield Fisher, 1953

When Dorothy Canfield Fisher died, her associates at the Book of the Month Club said in a statement: "She was more than an American of great ability. She was one of the rarest and purest character. A confirmed Vermonter, she was also a cosmopolitan in both space and time. All who knew her felt at once this combination of deep-rootedness and broad humanity; and felt themselves the larger for it

Fisher, or Arlington, was one of the country's most popular novelists, founder of the first adult education program in the country, and served as a member of the Book of the Month Club selection committee from 1926 to 1951.

She also served on the Vermont Board of Education, the first woman to do so. Her novels were popular nationally -- "The Brimming Cup" was the second most popular novel in 1921 after Sinclair Lewis' "Main Street." But in Vermont she has been known mostly for her passionate writings about the state. Fisher's "Vermont Tradition," is considered the most successful attempt to express in writing the qualities that make Vermont and Vermonters special.

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