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The Rutland Herald and The Times Argus have combined to bring you the Top Twenty Stories of the 20th century. Included in this compilation are articles from noted historians expressing their views on dynamic individuals who have affected change in Vermont in the past century, as well as articles on events in Vermont's history ranging from the Women's Suffrage Struggle to the Flood of 1927.

From Ignored Backwater to Envied Attraction

Christopher Graff gives his opinions on the moments and events over the past century, that shaped the state into what it is today.

A Note on the Rankings of the Top 20 Stories

Choosing the top stories of the 20 century and the most influential Vermonters of the 20th century was purely subjective. There was no balloting by readers, no voting by newspaper editors; ....

The Most Influential Vermonters of the 20th Century

Intimate portraits of ten of the most influential people in Vermont's last one hundred years, including George D. Aiken, Deane C. Davis, Perry Merril, Philip Hoff, Consuelo Bailey, Enest W. Gibson and more.

Other Views

A collection of articles concerning events such as the Womens Suffrage Struggle, the 'Little New Deal', to the Flood of 1927.

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